is a nonprofit community group to revive, restore, and restructure the handloom industry in India. An open forum of individuals with a deep sense of pride in the handmade working towards preserving our arts and crafts., will be providing process management to the handloom sector through design interventions, development and diversification, skill upgradation, technical support, change advocacy, and suggest reformations, so that the weavers get better work conditions, visibility and remunerations for their products, and a new generation can be inculcated into weaving.

300 weavers have been rendered jobless with their looms destroyed, besides their homes, during the Kerala floods in August, in Chendamangalam weaving centres. Our mission is to restore them to normalcy at the earliest. Giving them a helping hand, restoring their looms to weave the magic again. 90% of the workforce are women and a majority are above the age of 50, and in many cases the single earning member in the family. We are working with the cooperative societies that provide employment to the weavers and ensure constant work flow to them and are entrusted to run a fair trade business nurturing traditional skills and heritage.

Words from the heart

My association with weavers in Kerala is nearly 3 decades old. The devastation that I see here to an already crippled industry is terrible, and we will do all that is required to bring the weavers back to the craft. I also appeal the ministries in Delhi and Kerala and the agencies involved to also offer all support to revive the looms.

Anju Modi
Anju ModiFashion designer

Help our weaver community come out of this crisis. Weavers are the pride of our country and their skill sets need to be preserved and transferred to a new generation.

Karthika SukumaranAdvocate

It’s a cause I identify with and have been longing to pay attention in some way. Handloom is a precious commodity and to consume something that is completely organic and handmade is a luxury I always wish to afford, promote and stand for.

Parvathy Thiruvoth
ParvathyFilm Actress

The first sights of damage and the stories of how they escaped the deluge choked us. An appeal for help was quickly responded to by our members and their friends. We would be happy to see them get back their livelihood.

Preethi SPresident, KVEA